Estes Robbery at JCPenney

On Wednesday February 18th 2015 at approximately 8:48PM, an estes robbery occurred at JCPenney at the Fox Hills Mall. Suspect #1 used pepper spray to spray loss prevention in the commission of a theft, making it an estes robbery(211pc). Suspect #1 is described as a Black Male in his 20’s wearing a white shirt, black […]

Corinth Burglar

Burglary near Victoria/Corinth, Video and Picture

On Monday December 29th, a burglary(459PC) occurred near the area of Corinth and Victoria Ave in Mar Vista. A female was sent to knock on the door to see if anybody was home, and when there was no response, 2 black males went to the back, broke the rear door glass and entered the house. […]

Armed Robbery at 13411 Washington Blvd Update

On Thursday September 18th. 2014 at approximately 8:50PM, an armed robbery occurred at 13411 Washington Blvd. The suspect is described as a light skinned  male(unknown race), 6’0”, thin build with sweats, a black hooded sweatshirt with a white design on the back and a black bandana with white skulls on it. The suspect also was […]

Pitbull 1

Found Pitbull by CCFD

On Saturday July 12th members of the Culver City Fire Department found a pitbull in front of Fire Station 2(near Washington Blvd/Globe Ave). The pitbull is a female between 4-5 years old. The pitbull was taken to the West LA Animal Shelter at 11361 West Pico Blvd Los Angeles 90064. If the owner does not […]

Robbery at Midway Ave/Oregon Ave

On Sunday June 20th around 8:40PM a robbery occurred in the area of Midway Ave and Oregon Ave. 2 Black Females took a black tote bag and coach wallet from the victim. Suspect #1 is described as a Black Female, 5’6″-5’7”, heavy set, mid 20’s wearing dark clothing. Suspect #2 is also described the same. […]