Corinth Burglar

Burglary near Victoria/Corinth, Video and Picture

On Monday December 29th, a burglary(459PC) occurred near the area of Corinth and Victoria Ave in Mar Vista. A female was sent to knock on the door to see if anybody was home, and when there was no response, 2 black males went to the back, broke the rear door glass and entered the house. […]

Armed Robbery at 13411 Washington Blvd Update

On Thursday September 18th. 2014 at approximately 8:50PM, an armed robbery occurred at 13411 Washington Blvd. The suspect is described as a light skinned  male(unknown race), 6’0”, thin build with sweats, a black hooded sweatshirt with a white design on the back and a black bandana with white skulls on it. The suspect also was […]

Pitbull 1

Found Pitbull by CCFD

On Saturday July 12th members of the Culver City Fire Department found a pitbull in front of Fire Station 2(near Washington Blvd/Globe Ave). The pitbull is a female between 4-5 years old. The pitbull was taken to the West LA Animal Shelter at 11361 West Pico Blvd Los Angeles 90064. If the owner does not […]

Robbery at Midway Ave/Oregon Ave

On Sunday June 20th around 8:40PM a robbery occurred in the area of Midway Ave and Oregon Ave. 2 Black Females took a black tote bag and coach wallet from the victim. Suspect #1 is described as a Black Female, 5’6″-5’7”, heavy set, mid 20’s wearing dark clothing. Suspect #2 is also described the same. […]

Proactive v Reactive Policing

Many of us see police cars driving up and down the streets in different neighborhoods. This is called patrolling. The police are looking for criminals, criminal activity or anything suspicious. Not only that, but they also look forward to talking with members of the community. This is call proactive policing. The oldest form of proactive […]